Fingerprints remain constant throughout life. In over 140 years of fingerprint comparison worldwide, no two fingerprints have ever been found to be alike, not even those of identical twins. Fingerprint technology is the most widely used and accepted of all forms of biometrics to date. Now with fingerprint scanners on every day use products like cell phones and computers, users are now gaining widespread experience of the benefits of fingerprint security as opposed to more traditional security methods such as mechanical keys and pin codes.

Fingerprint identification involves comparing the pattern of ridges and furrows on the fingertips, as well as the minutiae points (ridge characteristics that occur when a ridge splits into two, or ends) of a specimen print with a database of prints on file.

Fingerprint technology has many benefits over other types of biometrics:

  • Offers very high accuracy
  • Offers accountability in professional applications
  • The most economical biometric technique
  • Offers greater reliability
  • It is more convenient and easier to use
  • It less intrusive than other biometric identifiers

In addition, the use of fingerprints as a means of security offers superior performance and reliability over keys or pin codes: Passwords and pin codes are identity non-specific. They can be forgotten stolen, given to other users and in some cases thwarted so there is NO guarantee that the person using the password or pin is the owner of that code. Similarly with keys, they can be lost, stolen given to other users and illegally copied. There is NO foolproof way to prevent unauthorized access or to determine user identity beyond doubt.

By contrast, fingerprint identifiers are inexorably linked to the user in question. They are unique, not subject to change and cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten. They also offer a real Return on Investment in commercial use cases – being able to prevent and track theft and fraud can limit a facility’s liability and improves loss prevention delivering significant financial savings. The technology also saves time over traditional methods and hence improves productivity.

Our technology is very simple to use – it does NOT store any personal data, nor does it store a copy of your fingerprint.  All of our products are stand alone – meaning, they are battery operated and mobile – and there is no way to break into the product to steal your data. Our patent covers the processing power consumption, matching time and size of the data collected for the matching process, all being driven by at least one battery.

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