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Rx DrugSAFE™

The Rx DrugSAFE™ is a personal medication lock box using unique fingerprint technology to prevent unauthorized access to prescription drugs and other controlled substances in the home or while traveling. Rx DrugSAFE is the most secure prescription medication storage product available. It is made from 17 gauge steel and uses the most advanced and accurate biometric (fingerprint) technology to keep medications secure and out of the reach of unauthorized users while maintaining convenient access to the prescribed person.

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Rx SafeEHR

The Rx SafeEHR is a HIPAA compliant, fingerprint-secured portable storage device that allows healthcare providers the ability to securely store and exchange patient health records with other medical professionals at the authority of the patient.

The Rx SafeEHR addresses the growing concern over unauthorized access to digital health records. It allows for the secure storage and transfer of sensitive patient information between healthcare systems, providers and patients.

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field lock


The Rx DrugSAFE FieldLOCK has been designed specifically for healthcare workers that are assigned EMS field kits, lockers at healthcare facilities, need to secure flight, travel or medical cases.

Innovative, practical and functional, our FieldLOCK is a breakthrough in small mobile fingerprint locks utilizing our patented autonomous fingerprint security system.

Features include, operating on 3 AAA batteries, fingerprint access – up to 64 unique users and it can store up to 5 different administrative users.

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