Whether you are at home, at work, or in the field, GeneSYS-RX’s Patented Fingerprint Technology keeps all of your medications and equipment safe and secure. It is really amazing what a simple touch of the finger can do these days.  Here at GeneSYS-RX, Inc., our founders have over 30 years of collective experience in the biometric (fingerprint) security technology industry, designing, engineering and testing a variety of fingerprint activated products, and have designed a line of medication security products that everyone can use, simply and securely – as long as you are authorized that is!

 Our technology actually starts with you – the user, whether you are a mother locking up and accessing medications for your family, or you are a healthcare worker needing secure access to, or dispensing controlled substances as well as those facilities that are legally obligated to keep controlled substances under lock and key.

 Our technology is very simple to use – it does NOT store any personal data, nor does it store a copy of your fingerprint.  All of our products are stand alone – meaning, they are all self powered – battery operated – and there is no way to break into the product to steal your data. Our patent covers the processing speed, matching time and size of the data collected for the matching process, all being driven by at least one battery.

 There is no other company, nor any other team, that has as much experience and know-how in biometric technology as the GeneSYS-RX, Inc. team. GeneSYS-RX will continue to use its expertise and technology know-how to bring new and more exciting products to the healthcare market in our effort to reduce risk of loss, both financial and life.

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