Intellectual Property

GeneSYS-RX, Inc. holds the exclusive worldwide rights to intellectual property that provides market protection for the fingerprint technology used in the GeneSYS-RX’s products.  The rights are exclusive to GeneSYS-RX, Inc. as they relate to the technology used in products sold to the healthcare industry, or for related consumer or commercial healthcare applications such as narcotic and prescription pill safes. GeneSYS-RX, Inc. has recently secured additional intellectual property that is more product specific to engineer new products for the professional healthcare industry. The company continues its quest to develop and secure new intellectual property for innovative products to support the expansion of our IP portfolio. All of our current and contemplated products under development are protected by our excusive intellectual property.

Patents & Trademarks

GeneSYS-RX, Inc. recognizes that being first to market is not always sufficient to protect one’s market position and is therefore cognizant that both trademark, copyright and patent protection are a critical aspect of the business. GeneSYS-RX, Inc. is also vigilant in monitoring the market to ensure that no entity is infringing upon our intellectual property rights.   We are committed to continue to build upon our intellectual property portfolio and defend our rights in the marketplace.

Trademark Protection

GeneSYS-RX, Inc. has begun to establish a recognizable brand behind the Rx DrugSAFE product name in the market.   To protect the Rx DrugSAFE brand name and mark, we filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the Rx DrugSAFE mark, as a standard character mark.  This mark was published on March 1, 2011 and registered on May 17, 2011. The serial number for the trademark is 85141627. We established “first use” of the mark in May 2010 and due to aggressive sales and business development efforts had justified claim to the mark based on first use and customer familiarity with the name as it relates to our product and market.

Our Fingerprint Technology for Healthcare

Unlike most fingerprint technology that captures and measures only the surface of the skin, the technology we use actually penetrates through the skin, several layers, in order to take accurate measurements. This allows our technology to measure beneath the skins surface, bypassing surface anomalies such as scratches, cuts, scarring and dirt. The diagrams below demonstrates how our technology works. Our technology relies on tiny radio frequency (RF) antennas embedded in the sensor that when activated, uses a sonar like technology to penetrate the skin, take your fingers print measurements, convert those measurements into a personal code, and then stores that code in its memory. The resulting code stored is based on your fingerprints measurements beneath the skin. The next time your finger is measured by out technology, it results in another code that is automatically compared to the previously stored code, and if the codes match – the product is activated and will unlock.  There is no way to tamper with that code, and the 10K bit code string cannot be hacked, as there is no outside way to access the memory.

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