It all started in 2010, when co-founders Lorraine Yarde and Mark Basile were personally touched by prescription drug abuse. They began to research the issue and were amazed by the number of cases of prescription drug abuse, overdoses and death, especially by teenage kids, that were being reported in the US.

After having founded several innovative biometric technology companies, they turned their focus on the national epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the home and drug diversion within healthcare facilities. As experts in the field of biometrics, they sought to create a simple to use, highly secure metal lock box, in a variety of shapes and sizes to securely store prescription medications.

Using the platform of the team’s previously designed handgun safe, special technical and structural modifications were made to improve the functionality of the technology as well as identifying and correcting material weaknesses of the case itself. After 3 years of technical redesigns and prototypes, the Rx DrugSAFE was born, as a means to demonstrate the application of fingerprint technology as a solution to the problem of prescription drug abuse via theft and diversion.

With 30 years of collective experience developing, designing, manufacturing and selling fingerprint products, the company is poised not only to have a serious positive impact on the drug abuse epidemic, but also has the experience, technical and commercial know-how and resources to develop a wide array of fingerprint products aimed at securing controlled substances and other medications and items within commercial healthcare environments.

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