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With more than 100 deaths each day in the U.S. as a result of prescription drug misuse, the issue has become a national epidemic with a $600 Billion annual social and economic price tag. The issue is especially concerning as it relates to our younger population with the increased availability of these drugs at home;

  • Every 8 minutes a Child is admitted to the ER for drug poisoning
  • 1 in 5 teenagers abuse prescription drugs – 70% are stolen from home

As a result of these statistics, communities have responded and taken on the fight. Many non-profit organizations have been founded by people who themselves have been touched by the issue. Working hand in hand with state and local governments, these groups play a key role in the war against prescription drug abuse, providing educational information and resources to bring awareness to the issue and make sure families are well informed.

GeneSYS-RX, Inc, has long recognized the value of working with non-profits in support of their community focused initiatives and has sponsored many events and donated products to this end. The introduction of our exclusive grant writing services is a natural progression in growing these relationships, allowing us to provide additional financial support to non-profits and in doing so, facilitate the purchase of RxDrugSAFE units that can then be given out to at risk families within the communities.

How the GeneSYS-RX, Inc. Grant Writing Program Works

GeneSYS-RX has engaged the services of experienced Grant Writers to facilitate our Grant Writing Initiative. Our grant writers will assist the company and it’s community partners in identifying and obtaining private, local, state and federal government grant funds to purchase units of our revolutionary fingerprint drug lockbox, the Rx DrugSAFE, as part of an overall prescription drug abuse focused initiative.

The Grant funds can be used for various initiatives including:

Securing Drugs. Preventing Addiction. Saving Lives. Educational Programs. Health Services.

The Grant Writer will effectively craft healthcare proposals and outcome evaluation plans that are required for many government and foundation grants. The steps to obtain grant funds will include:

  • Pre-qualification. This includes:
    • Confirming a minimum 2 years audited financials
    • Review of entity Mission Statement
  • Grant Identification – GeneSYS-RX will research available grants and select one that fits the needs of the entity
  • Information gathering – GeneSYS-RX will provide entity with a list of required information to be included in the grant proposal.
  • Entity and GeneSYS-RX will sign LOI outlining number of Rx DrugSAFE units to be included in the grant.
  • GeneSYS-RX will write and submit grant proposal
  • If successful, grant funds are disbursed by grant trustee to entity with the appropriate portion being used for the purchase of Rx DrugSAFE units to be distributed to the targeted community members.

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If you would like more information on, or would like to apply for GeneSYS-RX Grant Writing services, please complete the form below and a representative will contact you shortly. Alternatively you can call our office at 1-844-RXSAFES (797-2337) and select ext: 5 to leave a message.

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