Our technology has been adapted into a line of consumer-focused products to keep prescription medications secure while at home or traveling.  These products can be viewed in more detail at our products page.

Based upon the needs of families we have developed a range of products designed to:

Securely mount in your closet or bathroom drawer

Fit in your medicine cabinet

To carry medications on the go

Our consumer products offer convenience and security to individuals looking for a practical solution to safeguard their medications from children, family members and other unauthorized persons.   Until now there has been a void in the marketplace for a line of products designed to allow consumers the ability to secure their medications properly, while maintaining quick convenient access as needed. Most families only realize after it is too late, that one of their children or family members is addicted to prescription drugs, and it frequently starts with the addict stealing unsecured medications from the home.  Every single report, whether commissioned by a research facility, a non-for profit organization, the FDA or the CDC identifies that 70% of teenagers start abusing prescription drugs by stealing these medications from unsuspecting family members.  It starts with opioid-based manufactured painkillers and ends in HEROIN addiction. With increased education and awareness more consumers are now actively looking for a real solution to practice responsible medication management at home and GeneSYS-RX’s consumer products provide this much needed solution.

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