THE PROBLEM: Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Over 4 billion prescription drugs were dispensed by pharmacies in 2014
  • According to the 2013 National survey on drug use and health (NSDUH); over 15 million people age 12 and over abuse prescription drugs
  • 1 in 5 teenagers abuse prescription drugs
  • Emergency room visits involving non-medical use of pharmaceuticals increased 98.4% between 2004 and 2009 from 627,291 visits to 1,244,679
  • According to CDC, 44 people die every day in the U.S as a result of prescription drug overdose

The non-medical use or abuse of prescription drugs is a serious and growing public health problem in the US and it is becoming a global epidemic. Most people take prescription medications responsibly; however, an estimated 52 million people in the U.S. (ages 12 and older) have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in their lifetimes. This represents approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population.

Due to the prevalence of prescription drugs in our society, the home offers a haven for a teenagers looking to experiment with drugs. Most teenagers mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safer than taking illicit drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor. Teens are raiding medicine cabinets to take ANYTHING that will give them a high.

Something has to be done today to save our kids tomorrow! In the wrong hands, prescription drugs are more deadly than a loaded gun and need to be securely locked up in the home. Moreover, the economic costs of prescription drug abuse are substantial. It is estimated that the abuse of opioid analgesics results in over $72 billion in medical costs alone each year.

Securing prescription drugs, whether you are a healthcare professional or a parent, is an important issue that is not being adequately addressed. Drug manufacturers and retailers continue to increase spending on marketing medications to consumers with the result being more prescription drugs are introduced into the home and office.

The Solution: The Rx DrugSAFE

The drug security experts at GeneSYS-RX believe that the solution to this national epidemic begins in the home. Securing medications at home reduces the risk of abuse, misuse and accidental ingestion. This is why GeneSYS-RX has developed the only real security safe designed specifically for storing medications safely and conveniently in the home. Until now, there has not been a medicine security lock box product available to families and healthcare professionals that offers the level of security required, coupled with convenient, quick access by the authorized user(s) when needed. OUR TECHNOLOGY PROVIDES THE SOLUTION! State of the art fingerprint recognition means that only authorized people have access to your medications.  It also makes the Rx DrugSAFE easy to use with no keys* to lose or PIN  numbers to forget.

*A back up key is provided for emergencies

  • Recognizes up to 100 different users
  • Unique fingerprint technology prevents unauthorized access
  • Easy to use – no pin codes
  • Holds 8 standard pill bottles
  • Quality all-steel construction
  • Backup battery pack makes sure you never lose access to medications
  • Comes with steel security cable and mounting options

Current child resistant packaging, while helpful, is not sufficient to prevent children’s access to medications. Pin code safes or combination lock boxes are easy for a child to remember, and not a viable solution for the prescribed users. Who needs another pin code to remember especially when considering the elderly who suffer from a variety of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and cannot remember a pin code? Keyed safes simply do not work. The keys can easily be misplaced, or found by a determined teen. The keys can be stolen and copied and further, many elderly patients suffer from arthritis and find it difficult to turn a key.


What is the Rx DrugSAFE™?

The Rx DrugSAFE™ is a personal medication lock box with unique fingerprint technology to prevent unauthorized access. Rx DrugSAFE™ is a convenient, affordable way to store your medications.

What is the size and weight of Rx DrugSAFE™?

The Rx DrugSAFE measures 7 7/16″ x 10 25/32″ x 1 31/32″ deep and securely holds up to 12 medication pill bottles. The unit weighs 3 1/2 lbs

Can the Unit simply be unplugged to be bypassed?

No, the Rx DrugSAFE runs on 4 AA batteries and even if
the batteries are removed or the unit has no power it
will remained locked.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries should last approximately 1 year  The light on the unit will start to flash green and red when the batteries are beginning to get weak.  This gives you approximately a weeks notice that they require changing.

What happens if my batteries die and I can't find the keys?

You can power up the Rx DrugSAFE using our unique external battery back-up power supply which allows an authorized user to unlock the safe using the fingerprint interface to access the internal batteries.

Do fingerprints have to be reprogrammed after changing batteries?

No, this is not necessary as the memory of the unit is not erased or compromised when the batteries are changed.


What prevents someone from walking away with it?

You can use the included security cable to attach it to a
heavy or permanent fixture such as post or bed frame, or
you can permanently mount it on the wall or in a drawer
with the optional wall mount available for $29.

What are the keys used for?

You will need the key to open the safe the first time you open it. After that put the keys away in a secure location to be used as a back up for emergency only.

How long is the warranty?

Your RxDrugSAFE is covered by a 6 month manufacturer’s limited warranty. Product registration and proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty coverage.

What happens if I lose my keys?

2014 models of the Rx DrugSAFE have serialized keys. You can contact Customer Service through our Contact Us Page or email us at providing the number on your locking mechanism.  For a nominal fee we can order you a new key.






Corporate Citizenship is a major part of GeneSYS-RX’s business philosophy. We believe in DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD and feel strongly about our mission to arm families, educators and other community organizations with the information and tools necessary to keep our kids safe. It is our goal to increase awareness and provide solutions to the problem and devastating consequences that can arise by toddlers, tweens and teens accessing potentially deadly Rx drugs and other types of medications. Children of all ages are at risk and we must encourage parents and family members to “lock up their meds” and eliminate the root cause of the problem….easy accessibility in the home.

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GeneSYS-RX, Inc, has long recognized the value of working with non-profits in support of their community focused initiatives and has sponsored many events and donated products to this end. The introduction of our exclusive grant writing services is a natural progression in growing these relationships, allowing us to provide additional financial support to non-profits and in doing so, facilitate the purchase of Rx DrugSAFE units that can then be given out to at risk families within the communities.


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