Our mission is as simple as it is powerful – to become the leading provider of autonomous fingerprint medical security solutions for the professional healthcare and consumer markets!

As fingerprint security experts, we are taking a comprehensive approach to drug security providing a variety of secure fingerprint products and solutions for both the professional and consumer healthcare markets. Our team has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing fingerprint security products and have been innovators in the development and commercialization of embedded fingerprint consumer products. The GeneSYS-RX, Inc. founders have been pioneers in the fingerprint recognition space for more than 20 years. The company CEO, Lorraine Yarde, negotiated and executed the single largest wholesale order of a biometric consumer product to The Home Depot, bringing more than $14M in revenue on that single order. Our team has a successful track record in developing products for consumers and corporations, utilizing cutting edge fingerprint technology, incorporating functional design, ease of use, extended battery life and security appeal in a high tech package.

Collectively we have sold more than 20,000 fingerprint safes and 40,000 garage door openers to leading merchants such as The Home Depot, The Sharper Image, COSTCO, Lowes, SEARS, as well as licensed technology to dozens of chip manufacturers such as OKI and Fujitsu. In 2010, the founders saw a special need in healthcare where our patented technology could be effectively utilized to not only secure prescription medications, but to also prevent drug diversion, both at home and in professional healthcare facilities. Since that time, we have committed to constantly improve both our technology and products, to offer and deliver the easiest to use and most secure method of securing the storage and administration of drugs at home, in hospitals, emergency medical clinics, assisted living facilities, outpatient and recovery centers, sober houses and ambulance vehicles.

We plan to continue to use our patented technology to help fight the war against drug abuse and diversion. We believe our technology can have a significant positive impact on the issue and can contribute to safer homes, more secure healthcare environments and assist in preventing prescription drug abuse and misuse overall. Our goal is to save lives, save money and improve the quality of healthcare for all!

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