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Every day more than 2500 kids under the age of 17 steal and experiment with prescription medications including opioids, barbiturates and stimulants. The prescription drug epidemic has now reached critical mass, placing tremendous burdens and hardships on healthcare facilities and families.


More than $15 Billion dollars are lost annually in healthcare due to drug abuse, drug diversion and insurance claims based on theft and fraud. Drug Diversion happens when medications are left in unsecure environments, where there is no real control or accountability.


Our patented fingerprint technology has been used in a variety of products to enhance and simplify security in the home.  We are now working with healthcare industry partners such as OEMs, using our technology to improve current solutions to make homes and healthcare facilities safer and more secure, to prevent drug misuse and diversion.


The GeneSYS-RX OEM Program allows current medical device and equipment companies to partner with the pre-eminent experts in autonomous (embedded) fingerprint recognition.  We have designed and integrated our technology into products for the biggest names in security including Master Lock Corporation, Honeywell, The Overhead Door Company and Sentry-Safe.  We are now making our technology and experience available to the healthcare industry.

If your company provides storage solutions within healthcare, or designs and manufacturers any equipment to transport or dispense medications, then we can improve your product’s security and provide a real competitive advantage, to help capture wider market share and increase revenues.

From consultation to design integration and manufacturing, GeneSYS-RX has done it all and we are true experts in embedded fingerprint security. Our founders have more than 30 years of combined experience in autonomous, embedded fingerprint design and development.

Let us show you how simple and cost effective it is to integrate our technology into your products.

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The GeneSYS-RX grant initiative allows groups dedicated to education, awareness and preventing drug abuse and addiction to utilize the Rx Safes’ Grant Writing Program to apply for public and private grant funds, in order to support targeted campaigns within their communities. Rx Safes’ grant writing team will compile all necessary information and submit the grant requests for those groups that wish to utilize the Rx DrugSAFE product as part of their community drug prevention plan.

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We value GeneSYS-RX as a development and US distribution partner for our needleless injection system and are excited to build on our relationship with this esteemed company.

Jennifer Lee
Sr. Vice President, Global Sales, MIKA Medical, Korea

As Chief Medical Officer of Patient Safety Devices, I was convinced that the experts at GeneSYS-RX were the best partners for us to improve and commercialize our revolutionary biometric medical device.

Dr. Bill Quirk
Chief Medical Officer

As a pediatrician, the Rx DrugSAFE is an absolutely needed product to prevent accidental ingestion, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to drugs in the home.


Dr. Mary Ellen Renna
Pediatrician NSLIJ Health

Leaving lethal medications in your medicine cabinet is no different than leaving a loaded gun on your counter.  Using the RX DrugSAFE will reduce addiction and save lives.   If I knew then what I know now, my medications would be in an Rx DrugSAFE and my son could have avoided a lifetime of addiction.

Bradley DeHaven
Parent Advocate

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