The Rx Safes' OEM Partner Program

ThinkstockPhotos-180064922The OEM Partner Program has been designed around the needs of current healthcare medical device, case and instrument manufacturers to improve the security, accessibility and usability of their products. GeneSYS-RX works in a number of ways to support our industry partners. We will work in collaboration with our partners to integrate our patented autonomous fingerprint technology into their products, we will manufacture and supply our electronics to OEM partners as a part of their overall product build and we will license our patent and technology to OEMs, allowing them to independently manage all the design and manufacturing to integrate our intellectual property into their product designs.


nurse with medicine cartOur fingerprint interface offers enhanced control and accountability to existing drug storage and dispensing products – unlike traditional mechanical locks and pin codes, fingerprint technology provides absolute control over who can gain access to a product and when! We can offer customizable features based on the product and facility needs including individual user administration and scheduling, audit tracking and reporting capabilities. We can even interface with existing facility EHR systems to upload user access data for storage and future validation.

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If you have a product you feel could benefit from our autonomous fingerprint interface, please complete the form below and a GeneSYS-RX’ representative will contact you shortly. Alternatively you can call our office at 1-844-RXSAFES (797-2337) and select ext 1 to be connected with our sales department.

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